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The individual Board members bring a broad range of experience and expertise to the delivery of the Manningham Materplan. Below are details of each of the members and a summary of what they hope the Masterplan can achieve.


Councillor Susan Hinchcliffe

I am Bradford born and bred. I have a wealth of experience of working in the private sector including running my own business in Bradford. I currently work part time for national charity Business in the Community in regeneration. I hold the portfolio for Employment, Skills and Culture on Bradford Council and as part of this role I Chair the Manningham Masterplan Board.

Andy Taylor


I am the Economic Development Programmes Manager with the City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council and have overall responsibility for the delivery of the masterplans outside of the City Centre, that is, Airedale, Manningham and Canal Road.

I believe the Manningham Masterplan is a great opportunity to build on the strengths and assets of the area: its great architecture and green spaces, the commitment of local businesses and organisations to the area and the vitality and enterprise of its residents. Through delivering the masterplan, Manningham has the potential to positively contribute to the economic future of the District and become an even more attractive place where people want to live and do business.

Billy Dulay


"I feel optimistic and enthused about Manningham.

As a strategic creative thinker, with a strong, marketing background, I'd like to think I could add some real value to the Manningham Masterplan and the Board.

All disparate communities will argue that their needs - social, economic and or physical - are far greater than their neighbours. Needs that are often neglected or only addressed by appropriate public bodies and support groups, long after the rot has set in. Therefore, it'll be imperative for me that the Board doesn't become distracted and reactive but focus's on what will make the biggest long-term impact on the area."

Hamayun Arshad


My name is Hamayun Arshad. I was born and brought up in Manningham. I am a Food Safety Consultant and work with many of the food businesses in Bradford. In the past I have served as the Chairman of the Manningham and Girlington PACT Board and have been involved in community regeneration work for the past 10 years. I am also an expert advisor to the BBC on Indian food. I hope to see that through the Masterplan, Manningham will fulfil its huge potential as a great place to live and work and a safe place where our children can flourish. Ultimately the children from Manningham will, in their adult, lives, be positive contributors to Manningham, the broader Bradford District, and the UK and beyond.


Mohammed Mahmood


I am the Assistant Area Co-ordinator for Bradford North Area Co-ordinator's Office based in Jacob's Well.

The ward councillors have supported many projects in Manningham from the ward Investment and Area Initiative Funds and it is my job is to facilitate these projects with the agencies on the ground. Another major initiative I support is the Manningham (Moving Forward) Partnership which empowers residents to prioritise issues in a local action plan.

I value the tremendous knowledge and learning of all the members on the Manningham Masterplan Board and am privileged to be a partner to it.

Mohammed Shabir BSc, DMS


I am the Affordable Housing Manager for Bradford Council. I have over 23 years of experience in Housing, two years of which with a national Registered Social Landlord (RSL) specialising in sheltered housing for the elderly.

I have worked with a wide range of public agencies including the Homes & Community Agency (HCA), Housing Associations on provision of affordable homes, housing regeneration, master planning, and new build housing design. I have extensive experience of negotiating affordable housing with Private Developers on Section 106 sites to deliver housing for rent and sale for people on low incomes.

I have served as a Board of Director on Nashayman Housing Association for a number of years and am currently serving as a Board Member on Habinteg Housing Association, a national RSL and pioneer of Life Time Homes (LTH) and wheel chair accessible homes built to full LTH standard. I have served as an officer member on Bradford Housing Partnership Board for many years and have a good understand of housing supply and demand issues.

Naweed Hussain


For the past 10 years as a resident and in my professional capacity I have been involved and worked in the Manningham and wider area in community development, community regeneration, youth development and community capacity building.

I have been involved in a number of initiatives and have been the Vice Chair of the Manningham and Girlington SRB Community Panel, the Chair of Oak Lane Shopkeepers Partnership, Chair of St Mary's Resident's Association and a variety of other organisations.

I was awarded a Fellowship by the Royal Society of Arts, Business and Commerce on the recommendation of the Home Office in recognition of my efforts.

At present I am self employed, working for myself and running my own business. I am the Chairman of Bradford Community Environment Project a leading environment charity in Bradford District and a board Director of Bradford Organic Composting Scheme.

Saira Ali


I am the Gateways Officer in the Landscape Design Unit, CBMDC. My main focus and responsibility is for developing and implementing Environmental Improvement Strategies for the physical regeneration of the main Gateways and Corridors into the city. I aim to create vibrant locations throughout Manningham with a lively series of linked spaces and places.

As a landscape architect I work within the Landscape Design Unit providing high quality landscape, planning and environmental design expertise. I provide assistance to the Planning Service, the Highway Authority and to regeneration bodies and other partners as well as taking a leading role on the corporate priority of improving the image of the district. My areas of work include Manningham Lane, Victor Road, Oak Lane and Lilycroft Road, The World Mile and more recently the feasibility study of Lumb Lane and Carlisle Road.

Professor Nelarine Cornelius

I am a professor based at Bradford University School of Management. I have overall responsibility for research in the School, and am an active researcher with interests in social justice, ethnicity, city regeneration, how social enterprises add value to communities and fairness and equality issues at work. I am also a Chartered Psychologist and qualified HRM professional. Most of my research is based in the UK but I also work with colleagues at the University of Paris. I also act as a consultant and advisor to a variety of organisations, in all sectors.

In addition to my academic duties, I have been involved in community issues for many years. In the past, I was a board member of a housing association and housing trust in Oxford. Currently, I am a director of ABL Bradford, and a trustee for the Butler Trust, a national charity established to promote good practice in the correctional services.

David Lynch

I am a chartered Planning and Development Surveyor working nationwide as part of the team at Urban Splash. Having been involved with the regeneration of the Grade II* Lister Mills since 2006, I am committed to completing the redevelopment project including the eye-catching zinc clad rooftop pods and the long term legacy for the site. With a keen interest in sustainable, design led development, I am currently engaging with a number of organisations to deliver new homes, commercial / community opportunities and realise the wider role which Lister Mills has within the Manningham Masterplan.

Councillor Howard Middleton

City of Bradford Councillor for Bolton & Undercliffe ward (Liberal Democrat) since 1996. Previously he worked for Ernst & Young Accountants for 15 Years in Audit and Insolvency. Howard lives in Undercliffe and is a LMT Board member of an Incommunities local trust.


Ulfat Hussain

I am delighted to represent the Bradford Housing Association Liaison group (BHLAG)on the Manningham Masterplan Board. BHALG is the forum where all the housing providers in Bradford work together to deliver the housing strategy. Housing has played a major role in the fantastic work that has been done in Manningham and we want to ensure we continue to do so.

I have been involved in several regeneration initiatives in my career having worked in housing for the last 20 years. I currently work at Manningham Housing Association as the Director of Customer Services whom I joined in January 2012. Prior to this post I worked for Great Places Housing Group in Manchester and Nashyman Housing Association in Halifax. I have a keen interest in community regeneration and in particular the role housing providers can play in developing sustainable communities by more than just meeting housing need